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Dermatology in Wuse of Abuja FCC

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Very friendly and efficient staff at all levels. Clear communication of procedures and processes.
16 July '20 г.
The best medical service and facilities I have experienced. Professional and friendly, then there is the kindness given to those with extra needs. Just the best!
16 July '20 г.
Imeh Onukak
OHMA Skincare, best skin toning products I have ever used. Affordable, best results and revive your confidence.
22 July '20 г.
Ahda Label
Ohma Skincare is the best skincare products anyone can use, very mild, effective and affordable too. Her products pampers your skin, makes it supple and ever glowing. I am glad to found her, now I can stick to her brand.
30 November '-1 г.
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