The booking service is FREE for patients and does not contain any hidden fees.

For clinics and doctors of

The service is a unique opportunity to increase the number of patients in your clinic or diagnostic centre. This fact becomes real thanks to a number of advantages.

  • The website operates 24/7. Each visitor can automatically become your client. To do this, he/she should fill out an appointment form with a doctor.
  • Information on a potential patient immediately passes to the medical facility via automatic data transfer;
  • Each medical facility has access to personal data. The ability to make changes and to update information depends on this.
  • Due to the reviews system and the dynamic rating of the medical facilities, you can easily track the quality of your work.
  • Free registration on the service.

For cooperation: is an excellent opportunity to find a diagnostic centre, clinic or to apply for appointment to the chosen medical facility, doctor or service. To do this, one need to analyze the offered list of medical facilities and to make a choice in favour of the most convenient option.


All Visitors can use the service absolutely free. Read more about our project on the project page. Additional contact information is on the contact page.

Details to insurance agents is on the insurance page.