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Psychologist in Lagos

A psychologist is a specialist who studies the human psyche, his inner world, emotional state, experiences, behavioral characteristics. The subject of his professional activity is the relationship between people, the ways they communicate with each other.

When is a psychologist needed?

Consulting a psychologist helps to get rid of worries, fears, phobias, and restore emotional balance. A private psychologist works with people with a healthy psyche who are in difficult life situations. Consultation of a specialist may be necessary in the following cases: death of relatives, divorce, violent acts of a sexual, physical, moral nature, disability, pregnancy, childbirth.

A teenage psychologist is required to restore mental balance after parental divorce, sexual abuse, physical abuse in the family, loss of loved ones, to adapt to a new place of residence, to a new team at school.

A psychologist consultation can be booked using the Jimeds portal. Here are the best clinics in Lagos, where psychologists are receiving patients. On the website you can get acquainted not only with the services provided by specialists, but also read patient reviews. If you have any difficulties or questions, as well as a desire to book an appointment with a specialist, you can call the free number of the contact centre +234 1 227 9151 .

What does a specialist do?

Among certified psychologists, it is customary to distinguish the following categories of specialists:

  • clinical (work in medical institutions and psychological centres);
  • industrial (carry out their activities in various organizations);
  • pedagogical or school (work in educational institutions);
  • psychologists-consultants (help in solving various problems related to relationships between people).

Any psychologist helps a person with words, without prescribing medications. His field of activity is to solve psychological problems: difficult situations in the family and at work, fatigue, apathy, depression, psychological trauma and many other issues.

How is the appointment with a psychologist?

The entire appointment with a psychologist is based on the principle of mutual communication. The specialist asks questions - basic and clarifying, and the client talks about the situation that worries him. At the same time, the doctor analyzes your behavior and the behavior of your loved ones and gives thoughtful, serious advice.

How to prepare for an appointment with a psychologist?

The only thing really worth doing in preparation for your first counseling session is to define the purpose of the collaboration. The goal is the answer to the question: what do I want to get from a meeting with a psychologist. Do not try to achieve any serious and scientific formulation - just think about what you want.

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Lagos 21 Raji Oladimeji Cres, Off CMD Road, Magodo a.Ikeja
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Lagos 82B Harvey Close, Yaba a.Ikeja
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Lagos 21 Raji Oladimeji Cres, Off CMD Road, Magodo a.Ikeja
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Lagos 6, James Robertson Street, Off Akerele Street a.Surulere
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7 years
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Lagos 11 Olabode Cl, Ilupeju a.Somolu
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Lagos 1-5 oBA Akinjobi Way a.Ikeja