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Medical diagnostic in Nasarawa State

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They were vaccinated with the whole family. No complaints all at the highest level.
22 July '20 г.
Many thanks to the surgical department, such doctors should be cherished and appreciated. Thank you so much!
30 November '-1 г.
Saini Anirudh
I just love the care I receive at IHOTU and its amazing staff! After being a patient for many years, I can honestly say they\'re like family! If you haven\'t visited this clinic, please do!
22 July '20 г.
Stephen Tanko
Hospital with good facilities. Very courteous, friendly staff, and willing to listen.
22 July '20 г.
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Nasarawa State No. 2, Adonai Close, off Old Karu Road, Mararaba
Adonai Hospital is a medical institution that provides comprehensive and holistic health care to patients at affordable prices. Among the core values upheld by the Hospital and its personnel are truthfulness faithfulness, commitment to humanity, life is supreme. Among the advantages of the Hospital are professional staff, affordable prices and world-class facilities (own laboratory and pharmacy, consultation rooms, operating theatres, staff offices, clean water 24/7, steady power with solar system).
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Nasarawa State No 17 Hospital St, New Karu
Ihotu Telemedicine Clinic is a newly founded private medical facility. Its aim is to render high-quality health care at an affordable price without compromising on international standards. It is equipped with the latest technology and employs the qualified and experienced doctors who provide diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases. The medical personnel of the Clinic are friendly and helpful. Since the Clinic has its own laboratory, this significantly reduces the time spent on analysis. The clinic guarantees its clients an individual approach, the choice of effective treatment, confidentiality.
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Nasarawa State Opposite LG Show Room and Beside First Bank Mararaba
Life Point Medical Centre is a medical institution aimed at provision of quality healthcare services at affordable price. Reception is carried out by qualified and experienced doctors who use modern equipment and medical preparations of the latest generation in their practice. The clinic has created comfortable conditions for patients, safety and sanitary standards are observed.
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