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Ultrasound Scan in Nassarawa of Kano State

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My last visit was excellent at EHA Clinics. The staff are friendly and we make each other laugh.
30 July '20 г.
Thanks for all the help and patience while working through my medical needs. Your total team has been great.
20 July '20 г.
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Kano State 33 Lamido Crescent
EHA Clinics is a high-class provider of primary medical services. It performs a comprehensive examination of the patient which allows the doctors to reliably establish the cause of the disease, make the correct diagnosis and choose an effective treatment method. All clinics are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and employ only duly qualified and dedicated professionals whose aim is to provide the patients with high-quality medical care. All examinations and medical procedures in EHA Clinics are carried out in a cozy and comfortable environment. Only effective and safe methods are used for patient treatment. All specialists work for the final result, which will fully satisfy the client. Advantages of the clinic are convenience, accessibility, affordability and patient-centered care.
  • Lab and Diagnostics - Ultrasonography
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