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Echocardiography in Maitama of Abuja FCC

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Specialists are good, staff too. All are friendly, polite, competent. I recommend the clinic to my friends and relatives.
21 July '20 г.
Wonderful clinic. The service is top notch. Good and competent doctors. The situation in the clinic is conducive to come there again.
30 November '-1 г.
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Abuja FCC Minister’s Hill, plot 1261, 22 Amazon St
Abuja Clinics aim at provision of not only curative but also preventive healthcare services. The Clinics are fitted with up-to-date technology which help the doctors to perform diagnosis and to prescribe correct treatment. The staff of Abuja Clinics consists of well qualified and trained specialists who render quality services. Employees guarantee high quality, individual approach and calm environment. The main advantages of the Clinics are skilled and experienced doctors, respect for confidentiality, friendly and attentive attitude of personnel towards patients, convenient location of the establishment.
  • Echocardiography
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