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Pelvic Ultrasound Scan in Gwarinpa of Abuja FCC

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We went to the clinic. Very grateful to the doctor. He saved me from snoring and was very attentive and qualified. After the first procedure, the snoring is gone.
30 November '-1 г.
Good medical center for children, nice prices, friendly administrators.
21 July '20 г.
The clinic is very good to its patients, the doctors are very friendly, which you will not find in public clinics. You work well, keep it up!
30 November '-1 г.
I decided to put braces in the clinic. I put braces again, after a previous attempt in a couple of years, some teeth began to return to their previous position, and became desperate. I hope everyone will help here.
30 November '-1 г.
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Abuja FCC FHA, 1st Avenue
ViewPoint Hospital is a medical establishment which aims to improve the provision of medical treatment in Nigeria. It is fully fitted with the latest equipment, it uses the current treatment approaches and employs the duly qualified and experienced doctors. The personnel consists of dedicated consultants and medical specialists in various areas. VPH offers a broad range of services from medical check-up to laparoscopic surgeries. In 2012 VPH conducted the first successful kidney transplant in Abuja and now it is a specialist in kidney care.
  • Pelvis Sonogram
  • Pelvic Ultrasound
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Abuja FCC Plot 417 1st Avenue
Zitadel Medicals & Diagnostics Limited is a healthcare centre provided quality diagnostics, clinical services and examinations. The goal of the medical facility is to render the patients with comprehensive qualified care and reliable diagnosis. It is fully fitted with the latest medical and diagnostic equipment. The centre employs skilled and dedicated specialists with many years of practical experience. Great attention is given to comprehensive and reliable diagnosis, which allows doctors to choose the most effective treatment method.
  • Pelvic / Abdominal Ultrasound Scan
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