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Breast Ultrasound Scan in Abuja FCC

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We went to the clinic. Very grateful to the doctor. He saved me from snoring and was very attentive and qualified. After the first procedure, the snoring is gone.
30 November '-1 г.
Good medical center for children, nice prices, friendly administrators.
21 July '20 г.
Everything is good, fast, high-quality, understandable. The clinic is clean and comfortable. The doctor listened carefully to the complaints, politely and clearly had a reception. Very satisfied.
30 November '-1 г.
Very well. They took it very politely, new equipment, the best doctors. They know their job, carefully and highly qualified. I really liked the clinic.
21 July '20 г.
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Abuja FCC No. 46, 3rd Avenue, (Opposite Skye Bank)
Peace Care Clinic is a new private hospital whose mission is to provide quality medical services to people of Nigeria in a warm and friendly environment and according to international standards. The Clinic employs only professional medical personnel who work 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. The team consists not only of highly qualified doctors, but also of well-trained nurses and midwives, general practitioners and emergency medical workers. Peace Care Clinic has its own fully equipped laboratory to perform various tests quickly and accurately. Among other facilities of the Clinic are room for attendance with beds, private room with single bed, room with 2 beds and ward with 3 beds, equipped operating theatre for most of the common surgeries and labour room.
  • Breast Scan
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Abuja FCC FHA, 1st Avenue
ViewPoint Hospital is a medical establishment which aims to improve the provision of medical treatment in Nigeria. It is fully fitted with the latest equipment, it uses the current treatment approaches and employs the duly qualified and experienced doctors. The personnel consists of dedicated consultants and medical specialists in various areas. VPH offers a broad range of services from medical check-up to laparoscopic surgeries. In 2012 VPH conducted the first successful kidney transplant in Abuja and now it is a specialist in kidney care.
  • Breast Ultrasound
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