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Rambod Optometry Practice

Rivers State, 4 Agudama Street, Elechi
Port Harcourt
Mon: 08:00-18:00 Tue: 08:00-18:00 Wed: 08:00-18:00 Thu: 08:00-18:00 Fri: 08:00-18:00 Sat: 08:00-14:00
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Rambod Optometry Practice was established and duly registered in 1989. It provides the necessary conditions for accurate assessment of the vision level. The ophthalmologist selects glasses and lenses in accordance with medical indications.

The centre operates 6 days a week and provides a broad range of optometric services, among which one can find:

  • Comprehensive Eye Examination,
  • Paediatric Optometry,
  • Treatment of Eye Diseases,
  • Eye Screening,
  • Stocking of simple/designer frames,
  • Occupational Optometry,
  • Consultancy to Corporations/Hospitals,
  • Low vision/rehabilitative optometry.

The centre also offers varieties of designer and non-designer eye care products, such as glasses, sunglasses, frames, lenses and other accessories for clients of all ages: adults and children. There is a wide range of colours and styles in the optical shop. They provide exceptionally high quality services in the Rambod Optometry.

  • Service prices
  • Reviews

Rambod Optometry Practice. Service prices:

Prices may slightly vary. The exact price will be announced to you by our operator during an appointment booking.

  • Pediatric Optometry
  • Occupational Optometry
  • Low Vision/Rehabilitative Optometry
  • Consultancy to Corporations/Hospitals
  • Treatment of Eye Diseases
  • Comprehensive Eye Examination
  • Eye Screening

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Victor Ayewa
15 June '20 г.
Rambod Optometry Practice and its staff always take the time to listen to you. They are very professional and, at the same time, providing very personalized service.
Abubakar Shebe
15 June '20 г.
Staff is very friendly and helpful. It is absolutely the best. Warm, kind and thorough environment. I am very pleased with every aspect of service at Rambod Optometry Practice.
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