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Christ The King Catholic (CKC) Dental Clinic

Lagos, Dental Department,60 , Igbehinadun Str, Off Shasha road, Round about, Egbeda / Akowonjo, Lagos
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Christ The King Catholic (CKC) Dental Clinic is a modern medical facility that specializes in provision of high-quality, accessible and affordable dental services. They offer in the dentistry a full range of treatment and diagnostic procedures using the latest equipment and technologies.

The team consists of highly skilled and experienced doctors who are ready to assist patients with any problem. Convenience and professionalism are distinguishing features of their practice.

The medical facility offers the following services:

  • Crowns and Bridges;
  • Metal and Ceramic Braces;
  • Extraction;
  • Teeth Cleaning;
  • Deep Curettage;
  • Fluoridation;
  • Filling;
  • Teeth Whitening;
  • OPG, etc.

Among the advantages of the dentistry are well qualified specialists, state-of-the-art equipment, individual approach to each client, safe and friendly environment, and reasonable prices.

  • Service prices
  • Reviews

Christ The King Catholic (CKC) Dental Clinic. Service prices:

Prices may slightly vary. The exact price will be announced to you by our operator during an appointment booking.

  • RCT Molars 60 000
  • RCT Premolars 45 000
  • RCT Anteriors 35 000
  • Pulpotomy Molars 20 000
  • Pulpotomy Ant 15 000
  • Pulpectomy Molars 20 000
  • Pulpectomy Ant 15 000
  • Apexification 20 000
  • Apexogenesis 20 000
  • Crown PFM 70 000
  • Crown Zirconia 75 000
  • Crown Gold 95 000
  • Crown Silver 85 000
  • Bridge Implante 400 000
  • Metal Braces 750 000
  • Teeth Cleaning 10 000
  • Deep Currettage 6 000
  • Denture 12 000
  • Flouridation 8 000
  • Desensitization 4 000
  • GIC Filling 10 000
  • Composite Filling/Build up 13 000
  • Amalgam Filling 12 000
  • Locking the Jaw for 6 weeks 25 000
  • MMF Wiring for Fractured Jaws 60 000
  • Peri Apical Radiograph 3 000
  • OPG 20 000
  • Teeth Whitening 60 000

Clinic reviews and rating

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05 November '20 г.
An excellent clinic, modern equipment, and most importantly, a normal attitude towards people.
25 October '20 г.
Very modern equipment, sterile cleanliness, friendly staff. The only downside is that it is quite expensive, but there are many patients, because doctors are really qualified.
22 October '20 г.
I have a very positive impression. Yes, I was also received with a delay of half an hour, but I do not really understand these indignations.
28 September '20 г.
To my surprise, everything went painlessly and fairly quickly. I liked the clinic itself. It is cozy, clean and the prices are quite adequate!
17 September '20 г.
I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful doctors of CKC Dental Clinic. They helped me a lot. Now I have a snow-white and healthy smile and I feel much more confident. Thank you very much!!!
13 September '20 г.
The treatment was comfortable, and most importantly, painless! But the prices, as for me, are very high.
04 September '20 г.
Decent dental clinic. Yes, not cheap, but the quality is normal. They did everything neat and clean. So, I recommend.
29 July '20 г.
I am pleased with the professionalism of dentists, modern equipment and approach to clients.
15 July '20 г.
Thanks to you, my teeth are white again!
07 July '20 г.
The friendliness, politeness and professionalism of the specialists bring the expected comfort to patients and deserve a 10-star rating!
30 June '20 г.
They do their job quickly, accurately, professionally.
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